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You Don’t Have A Brother!! (#Short Story)

Kavya called her father as the meeting finally got over.

Yes Kavya, I have taken my medicines.” her father said, as he picked up the phone.

Kavya smiled hearing that, it was a routine. She always called at least one or twice in the day to check on her father. It annoyed him a bit, said he is not a child, but she couldn’t help it.

Did you check the profile I told you about?” her father continued.

Not yet, papa

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A Cup of Coffee…

It’s a usual weekday, Ayansh…my 9 month old baby, and right now the center of my world, has decided against sleep…again. Hmm… his mommy antenna(yes, he seems to have an invisible mommy antenna…to keep him known about my activities like when I am going to eat, so he can poop at that time, or when I am about take bath, so that he can wake up and cry… and so on…..) must have told him that mommy is going have her much awaited cup of coffee in peace, which is a luxury for me theses days.

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Makeup or Mask?

“Madhuri Dixit was seen hiding her face, when spotted without makeup”. This was one of the headlines in bollywood section of a newspaper recently.  Now, the reason behind hiding her face could be that she just didn’t want to be caught on camera by paparazzi and wanted her privacy, makeup or not. But since she was without makeup, conclusions were made. 

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This Valentine…Fall in love with yourself!!

Love-Yourself-First-700x343 (1).jpg

Valentines day is around the corner, and the season of love is upon us.We are in the era of social media and technology. As the month of February rolls up, you see ads, messages, videos or what not related to valentines day,be it on TV , social media, even in newspapers too. Wherever you see, gift ideas, cards, messages, chocolates and everything red, hearts, balloon, teddy bears, all the mushy things you can think of is there.

Now, if you have just fallen in love, in a new relationship, have a partner or spouse who is into this mushy things, good for you. Enjoy your valentine’s day to the fullest.

But, if you are single, just had a breakup, or your partner doesn’t believe in all this. Well, don’t be disappointed, because its time to be your own valentine, to fall in love with yourself.

We always try to find our happiness in something, or someone else. But tell you what, we can make ourselves happy on our own if we want to. So, this valentine fall in love with yourself, feel how amazing you are, your positives and negatives, your smile, your body, your attitude, it’s who you are.Be your own date and gift yourself things which you love.

If you are a chocolate lover, buy a big box of dark chocolate, and indulge yourself. Sometimes its OK not to think about your diet and carbs.

So, its rose day, you haven’t got a rose yet, go buy yourself one.

Gift yourself an I love you card, I know it sounds absurd, but try it, you will feel good.

Gift your mother something, trust me, she is the real valentine of your life, she loves you unconditionally, and will always love you. Valentines day is about love right? Who said it should be with a partner only?

Have a date with yourself. Make yourself a steaming mug of coffee, if you can’t then order one, and watch your favorite show, or a sitcom or series you love, watch it again n again, because you love it that much, like for me its FRIENDS, I can watch it million times.You would say who has the time, well if you had an actual date with someone, you would have taken out sometime from your busy schedule right? Then you can do it for yourself too, squeeze an hour or too for a date with yourself. You will love it, and love yourself more.

So, this valentine fall in love with yourself, just the way you are!!!

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So, you are just a mum!!

Women are to be judged, thats the mantra of our society. Whether its about their cloths, career, lifestyle, or any aspect of life. One such aspect is the choice of working or not working. First of all, I don’t like this term of “non-working”. Its not like, if a woman is not working outside of home, she is sitting or sleeping whole day at home. Why is it, that house work whether it is cleaning, cooking, laundry, and other household chores are not considered as work. May be because, that work doesn’t provide earning in terms of money. But isn’t there an importance of that clean home, ironed cloths, home cooked food, and such other small luxuries of life you get because of her, which we don’t even count. But for everyone she is just a housewife, she doesn’t work.

There is so much written about mothers and motherhood. But when it comes to real life, do we give enough credit to mothers, I don’t think so. If a woman is a working mother, she is judged for not giving enough time for her child and home. At office she is judged for being more focused on her child and home then work. Only she knows, how she is juggling both, but nobody sees her struggle.

If a woman is a non-working mother, or a mother who is on a break from her career to be with her child, or a stay at home mom, who chose to raise her kids, leaving her job. She is judged for wasting her degrees, her experience. When did raising a child became less important? Let me tell you, it require guts to leave your job, your career, to say goodbye to your salary, to lose that professional identity. Whether its for a break or forerver. To be called just a mum.

Yes, just a mum who can’t eat when she is hungry, because her baby wants to be carried, or has wet himself, or hungry, or sleepy. And she being a mother, can’t bear her baby in distress. Just a mum who have to adjust her pee or poop time according to her baby (yes, that a reality, ask any mother you know). Just a mum who have to bath in record time, before her baby wakes up again. Just a mum, who was finally about to sleep after a tiresome day, and her baby decides to wake up at that time. But she never complains, because the joy of being a mother, seeing her baby smile surpasses everything.  But for some people , she is just a mum.

To all the women, whether you are a housewife, a professional, a working at home mother, stay at home mother. You are special, be proud of youself and your choices. Be happy, and don’t let anyone put a dent on your happiness. Because:

A happy woman makes a happy home !!

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The Writer In Me

Every now and then, a little voice inside me calls out, when I am busy with my chores, routine work, and taking care of my little one. I have suppressed this voice my entire life,  may be because I thought I was not good enough to do this, or maybe I had the desire but lacked the inspiration. But now,this little voice is getting stronger day by day, it wants to be heard. Click to read more