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This Valentine…Fall in love with yourself!!

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Valentines day is around the corner, and the season of love is upon us.We are in the era of social media and technology. As the month of February rolls up, you see ads, messages, videos or what not related to valentines day,be it on TV , social media, even in newspapers too. Wherever you see, gift ideas, cards, messages, chocolates and everything red, hearts, balloon, teddy bears, all the mushy things you can think of is there.

Now, if you have just fallen in love, in a new relationship, have a partner or spouse who is into this mushy things, good for you. Enjoy your valentine’s day to the fullest.

But, if you are single, just had a breakup, or your partner doesn’t believe in all this. Well, don’t be disappointed, because its time to be your own valentine, to fall in love with yourself.

We always try to find our happiness in something, or someone else. But tell you what, we can make ourselves happy on our own if we want to. So, this valentine fall in love with yourself, feel how amazing you are, your positives and negatives, your smile, your body, your attitude, it’s who you are.Be your own date and gift yourself things which you love.

If you are a chocolate lover, buy a big box of dark chocolate, and indulge yourself. Sometimes its OK not to think about your diet and carbs.

So, its rose day, you haven’t got a rose yet, go buy yourself one.

Gift yourself an I love you card, I know it sounds absurd, but try it, you will feel good.

Gift your mother something, trust me, she is the real valentine of your life, she loves you unconditionally, and will always love you. Valentines day is about love right? Who said it should be with a partner only?

Have a date with yourself. Make yourself a steaming mug of coffee, if you can’t then order one, and watch your favorite show, or a sitcom or series you love, watch it again n again, because you love it that much, like for me its FRIENDS, I can watch it million times.You would say who has the time, well if you had an actual date with someone, you would have taken out sometime from your busy schedule right? Then you can do it for yourself too, squeeze an hour or too for a date with yourself. You will love it, and love yourself more.

So, this valentine fall in love with yourself, just the way you are!!!

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I am an avid reader, and an aspiring writer.

13 thoughts on “This Valentine…Fall in love with yourself!!

    1. thanks a lot Marcie, i agree..we ‘ll kick some butt if we are in the same team….though i havnt done it yet. Now that you have mentioned it…i am definitly going to take the challenge.


  1. I was just thinking of this exact thought. It’s been a lifetime since I had a significant other…or even an insignificant one, for that matter. Time to date myself…and not just by using corny references to analogue technology and how microwave ovens and the internet did not exist when I was a kid.

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