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Makeup or Mask?

“Madhuri Dixit was seen hiding her face, when spotted without makeup”. This was one of the headlines in bollywood section of a newspaper recently.  Now, the reason behind hiding her face could be that she just didn’t want to be caught on camera by paparazzi and wanted her privacy, makeup or not. But since she was without makeup, conclusions were made. 

This whole story got me thinking, how messed up today’s beauty standards are. A spotless, shinning face, with lipstick, liner, mascara etc. is the representative of beauty. Not a face with a few spots, lines, which shows experiences, a scar or two which may represent hardships of life. In this world of fashion, glamour, and lights, real beauty has no place. Everything is hidden under the layers of makeup. Makeup has become a mask to hide everything, even a little trace of imperfection is not bearable.

Aging is a natural phenomenon, so why it is such a big deal if it shows on the face. It’s not something to hide. But here again, women have to suffer, because a man with white hair, and aging lines on his face, is still called handsome and sexy. Wheares a woman would just be called a plain old aging woman. Maybe that’s why Madhuri Dixit hid her face, because she knows very well that a woman, especially a star like her is not allowed to age. She has to hide it under her makeup.  They say age is just a number, but when it comes to real life, it is much more than that. Because women start to get conscious about their looks with age. Its not their fault, because today’s world doesn’t accept the concept of aging. It accepts hiding the age with makeup.

Every woman is beautiful in her own way. Facial beauty is just one aspect. It’s the inner beauty which matters the most, and no makeup could mask it.

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