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A Cup of Coffee…

It’s a usual weekday, Ayansh…my 9 month old baby, and right now the center of my world, has decided against sleep…again. Hmm… his mommy antenna(yes, he seems to have an invisible mommy antenna…to keep him known about my activities like when I am going to eat, so he can poop at that time, or when I am about take bath, so that he can wake up and cry… and so on…..) must have told him that mommy is going have her much awaited cup of coffee in peace, which is a luxury for me theses days.

My little angel has just started crawling on his knees, and now there is no stopping him. Anyway, so I was saying he is refusing to sleep, and I keep trying to make him sleep, and after half an hour of fussing and kicking, he is finally….yes…finally asleep.’s time for my coffee, my frothy heaven.  I make a delicious cup of coffee for myself,  hmm… just the aroma makes me feel good and sit on my laptop (duh!!not literally) with my coffee, after a looong time to write something, so what should I write about…hmm let me think…..

oops…my little angel is awake….why does he sleeps so little 😦

Well, there goes my coffee and writing time…..maybe I’ll write next day or next week.. or maybe next century…. leaving my unfinished coffee I get up to attend my now shouting baby.

p.s : Just a random snippet of my daily struggle to write… or do anything at all, hope you like it 🙂



I am an avid reader, and an aspiring writer.

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