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When I First Saw You…

I remember the very first time I saw you, wrapped in a woolen shawl, to keep the chill of the world you have just entered, away from you. My little bundle of joy, who hasn’t even opened his eyes completely. I remember the exact moment I fell irrevocably in love you, my baby, my little angel.

I had heard about the bond a mother and baby share, and the pureness of a mother’s love.  The moment you came in my arms, I understood what it meant. The flood of emotions I felt, was beyond anything.

As you are growing up, I believe I am growing with you as a person. You have taught me to be patient and calm. You have shown me my courage and strength. You teach me how to be happy with little things. You teach me to forgive and forget.

Thank you for coming in my life, for making me a better person.

My baby, my angel…my Ayansh 🙂



I am an avid reader, and an aspiring writer.

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