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The Writer In Me

Every now and then, a little voice inside me calls out, when I am busy with my chores, routine work, and taking care of my little one. I have suppressed this voice my entire life,  may be because I thought I was not good enough to do this, or maybe I had the desire but lacked the inspiration. But now,this little voice is getting stronger day by day, it wants to be heard. Yes this little voice, the voice of a writer in me wants to be heard.

I have been many things in my life a student, a professional, a wife, and now mother. And I want my child to follow his heart’s desire, and be whoever he wants. Then what example I’ll be setting in front of him, if I don’t listen to my own heart, and  don’t follow my desire to write. To be called as a writer.

My son you have inspired me to write, to bring out the writer in me. And I shall always be thankful to you

I dedicate my very first blog post you my son, love you forever.



I am an avid reader, and an aspiring writer.

36 thoughts on “The Writer In Me

  1. As a South Asian myself, I know the sacrifices our women make. They give up every passion to build the ideal home for their children. All the best for your future. May your dreams come true. 🙂

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  2. Its such a lovely Post Ma’am. I am sure your son will love it whenever he gets to read it………and all the best to that little voice and indeed I look forward to hear a lot from her……..
    I am really sorry for addressing you by your name on my blog……👍☺☺☺

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